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How do I know I'm buying a micro pig and not a farm pig ?

8 week old pink baby micro pig

How do you know I'm buying a micro pig and not a farm pig ? 

A micro pig is only micro compared to other breeds of pig, you can watch our videos or see size comparison charts on this site.

So, when you've researched micro pig ownership and decided this is for you, how do you know the piglet you purchase isn't a farm pig?

Of course there are many ways to ensure you dont get a lot more pig for your money, here's just one.

Tea Cup Pigs

tea cup pigs
tea cup pigs
tea cup pigs

Micro pigs are micro in comparison to other pigs and the same applies for their babies

New born micro pigs are similar in size to a tea cup so the media created the name ‘Tea Cup’ pigs

Whilst most people realise children, puppies, kittens etc will grow up, many newspapers print
stories of people who purchase ‘Tea Cup’ pigs believing they would stay the same size forever!!!

You can read more at www.petpiggies.co.uk

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