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Pigs are highly intelligent loving creatures that can make wonderful pets...

…but there are a lot of people who would rather you didn't know!!!

Please read the article at the following link http://modernfarmer.com/2014/03/pigheaded-smart-swine/

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Micro pigs are extremely clean

Micro pigs are extremely clean, don't shed hair & have no body odour unlike most cats & dogs.

They can also make fantastic pets!

To find out more about micro pig ownership visit our website  www.petpiggies.co.uk  email  info@petpiggies.co.uk  or telephone 01525 288532

VIDEO: Petpiggies micro pigs for parties, school visits and events

VIDEO: Petpiggies micro pig piglets visit Project 229 and bring lots of smiles to lots of little faces.

New TV ad for Channel 4's on-demand service, 4oD, features micro pig from Petpiggies

Watch out for Channel 4's new TV ad for their on-demand service, 4oD, and you'll see one of Petpiggies young micro pigs out for a walking and wearing some rather snazzy shorts!

Don't blink at 31 seconds into the ad or you'll miss the little piggy as seen below.

Micro pigs for sale at Petpiggies - August / September 2014

Petpiggies is a trusted breeder of micro pigs based in Ridgmont, Bedfordshire, close to Woburn Abbeyand Safari Park and just 5 minutes from Center Parcs ‘Woburn Forest’. 

We are extremely passionate about what we do and care very much for our little piggies. Petpiggies breed healthy happy little micro pigs with great temperaments and their welfare will always remain our top priority.

It's hot, hot, hot ... make sure your micro pigs are cool!

With temperatures close to 30 degrees, its extremely important for pigs to have access to water at all times.

When temperatures are this high it's also important for pigs to have shade i.e.. a parasol or similar that offers protection from the sun if natural shade is not available.

If you happen to have a shallow paddling, electric fans or a water sprinkler then better still, especially for piglets.



I want to stroke a sunbathing pig on a piano…..

''We need a piglet that will be happy to sit on a girls lap whilst she sunbathes in a deckchair. The deckchair will be on top of a grand piano being played by Radio One DJ Scott Mills, Clean Bandit will be playing bat and ball and volleyball in the background, can you help?'' 
We do get some very strange requests!!!

Micro pig babies at Petpiggies enjoy a sunny afternoon in the garden

Some of Petpiggies micro pig babies pictured exploring the garden on another beautiful sunny day.

You can watch a video slideshow here  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GujXciSYlrw

Website  www.petpiggies.co.uk

Micro pig turns into a Farm pig! Really?

''Micro pig turns into a Farm pig''

''Micro Pig became a macro pig!''

''About that ''micro pig'' you sold me''

''Piglet grows up to weigh 20 stone after owner was duped by breeder''

''Micro pig grows to 25 stone and takes over its owners home''


With dramatic headlines appearing in the press about oversized pet pigs it's no wonder the public are dubious about the existence of genuinely small or 'micro pigs'.

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The Truth About Micro, Mini & Tea Cup Pigs

Smarter, cleaner and less smelly than the 14 million dogs and cats kept as pets in the UK alone, miniature pigs really can make wonderful pets!

People have enjoyed keeping pigs as pets for many many years and there is no doubt the reward and pleasure gained from owning these beautiful creatures will ensure this continues.

Petpiggies micro pigs attend NABS 'Stranger Than Summer' event

'An incredible night of summer tales and intriguing delights'

The Ultimate Visual Size Comparison Guide to Micro, Mini & Tea Cup Pigs

The Ultimate Visual Size Comaparison Guide to Micro, Mini & Tea Cup Pigs by Petpiggies

Pigs make fantastic pets for those who love them and have the space, time and resources to ensure the highest levels of welfare necessary for their piggy to enjoy a long and happy life.

Time and time again we hear of the publics misconception of miniature pig sizes, often reading how pigs purchased as 'micro' turning into 20 stone monsters.

VIDEO: Micro pig escapes at The Woburn Abbey Garden Show

Petpiggies micro pigs enjoyed a wonderful sun soaked weekend at The Woburn Abbey Garden Show and found our new piggy play pen wasn't quite as secure for the little ones as we had thought!

Petpiggies micro pigs at The Woburn Abbey Garden Show 2014

Petpiggies micro pigs return to The Woburn Abbey Garden Show 2014 and what a wonderful time was had by all!

For more information on the Woburn Abbey Garden Show click here www.woburnabbey.co.uk/GardenShow

If you are interested in owning a micro pig you'll find lots of useful information at our website www.petpiggies.co.uk

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Micro pigs for events and parties

Petpiggies micro pig hire for events and parties



Tel: 01525 288532

Picture: A typical set up for outdoor events and parties

Micro / Mini / Tea Cup pigs for sale at Petpiggies

Just as you would expect, there is always great excitement and anticipation here at Petpiggies when one of our piggies is ready to give birth or 'farrow'

This time it was 'Lettice', a first time mummy, and as with all piggy births our expectant mums can rely on us being on hand to hold their little trotters at this special time.

After three months, three weeks and three days of gestation we'll know birth is imminent with evidence of mums milk and her very frantic, usually last minute, nest building.

Video: Micro pigs for sale at Petpiggies

VIDEO: Micro pigs for sale at Petpiggies

Watch micro pig babies at Petpiggies with their Mother on this short video clip.

Click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fjrjBeVBIg


Micro pigs for sale at Petpiggies - May / June 2014

Petpiggies are proud to introduce 4 beautiful little micro pig babies born in the early hours of 28 May.

The little piggies pictured below are only 3 days old but already take every opportunity to come out and play when the sun shines.

Petpiggies will have micro pigs for sale to good homes during the coming months with further litters expected in June and July.

Petpiggies micro pigs are expecting!

There are exciting times ahead as Petpiggies micro pigs are due to have babies at the end of May and also early in June.

For anyone considering owning a micro pig as a pet, now is a perfect time to visit to meet our parent piggies and find out what ownership is all about.

Call Petpiggies today on 01525 288532 or email info@petpiggies.co.uk

Petpiggies micro pigs go to school!

Petpiggies micro pigs always create lots of excitement from pupils, teachers and parents when invited to visit schools.

Of course visiting schools with our micro pigs isn't just about fun and excitement as Headteacher Paul Shanks points out ''The learning that will come from this experience will be huge''

If you would like to find out more, call Petpiggies today on 01525 288532 or email info@petpiggies.co.uk

Video: Mini Pig Eating Monkey Nuts

The noises from this little micro pig at Petpiggies will drive you nuts!

Watch the video here http://youtu.be/CR6x_7sD9Yw




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VIDEO: Face to Face with micro pigs at petpiggies

Take a look at this video of 6 week old micro pigs at petpiggies enjoying an apple

Click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIpCNiq0ibE







Micro Pigs: Not Just Livestock Anymore

Micro pigs are becoming increasingly popular as pets and state laws in the US are being changed to reflect this.

Watch the latest from ABC News about micro pig ownership in Rhode Island at the link below http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/micro-pigs-livestock-anymore-22974665


Happy St Patrick's Day to all of our Irish friends

Happy St Patrick's Day to our Irish friends from all at Petpiggies