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The Ultimate Visual Size Comparison Guide to Micro, Mini & Tea Cup Pigs

The Ultimate Visual Size Comaparison Guide to Micro, Mini & Tea Cup Pigs by Petpiggies

Pigs make fantastic pets for those who love them and have the space, time and resources to ensure the highest levels of welfare necessary for their piggy to enjoy a long and happy life.

Time and time again we hear of the publics misconception of miniature pig sizes, often reading how pigs purchased as 'micro' turning into 20 stone monsters.

A recent media story told of a couple who were most upset after purchasing a micro pig from an unscrupulous breeder following claims it would happily live its life in a medium sized aquarium, see the story at the link below http://www.kgwn.tv/home/headlines/300-Pound-Pig-Donated-to-Cheyenne-Animal-Shelter-244422101.html

As breeders we may be a little biased but come on, for these horror stories to continue circulating the bad guys have to find more uneducated naive buyers who have failed in their responsibilities to investigate ownership and the ongoing needs of their new pet.

As part of our ongoing efforts to increase the publics awareness of these wonderful creatures and the many benefits of ownership, we have produced the following size comparison guide to show you exactly how one pig looks compared to another.

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