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Paul Cocken Creates Amazing Micro Pig Images for Petpiggies

There's no denying we love taking the odd picture of our beautiful micro pigs at Petpiggies as anyone who has visited our website or Facebook, Flickr and Pinterest pages knows all too well!

So imagine how excited we were with news of photographer and expert image manipulator Paul Cocken returning to the UK after living and working in Brazil for the past years.

Paul Cocken is the genius behind some of the most incredible animal images we've ever seen including 'Dogs Painting' and 'Guinea Pig Games'.

A quick phone call to Paul followed by a meeting and discussions about what could be achieved at a photo shoot with our little piggies has resulted in the first batch of amazing pictures as you will see below.

Check out Pauls website here http://www.paulcocken.com/

You can contact Petpiggies on 01525 288532 or email info@petpiggies.co.uk


Micro pig in a take of the famous 'Athena Tennis Girl' poster

Micro pig take on Athena Tennis Girl Poster created by Paul Cocken


Micro pig posting letter in letterbox

micro pig posting letter - image by Paul Cocken


Micro Pigs at Valentines

Micro pig Valentines image by Paul Cocken


Micro Pigs Stargazing

Micro pigs Stargazing image by Paul Cocken


Micro Pig Sunbathing on Deckchair

Micro pig sunbathing on deckchair image by Paul Cocken