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Micro pigs for sale at Petpiggies - May / June 2014

Petpiggies are proud to introduce 4 beautiful little micro pig babies born in the early hours of 28 May.

The little piggies pictured below are only 3 days old but already take every opportunity to come out and play when the sun shines.

Petpiggies will have micro pigs for sale to good homes during the coming months with further litters expected in June and July.

If you are interested in owning a pet micro pig and want to find out more, check out the frequently asked questions page on our website here http://www.petpiggies.co.uk/caring-faqs/

Those who are serious about micro pig ownership should contact Petpiggies on 01525 288532 or email info@petpiggies.co.uk to arrange a visit and to meet micro pigs of all ages and find out if ownership is right for you.

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