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Micro pig turns into a Farm pig! Really?

''Micro pig turns into a Farm pig''

''Micro Pig became a macro pig!''

''About that ''micro pig'' you sold me''

''Piglet grows up to weigh 20 stone after owner was duped by breeder''

''Micro pig grows to 25 stone and takes over its owners home''


With dramatic headlines appearing in the press about oversized pet pigs it's no wonder the public are dubious about the existence of genuinely small or 'micro pigs'.

To us these headlines are as ridiculous as ''my kitten turned into a leopard'' or 'my poodle turned into a Wolf'!

The fact is miniature pigs can make wonderful pets and, just as many responsible potential dog owners would research reputable breeders the same process is good advice for those considering a mini pig as a pet.

Micro pigs will grow up to be micro pigs however if you buy a Farm pig….guess what it's likely to turn in to?

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