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Just as you would expect, there is always great excitement and anticipation here at Petpiggies when one of our piggies is ready to give birth or 'farrow'

This time it was 'Lettice', a first time mummy, and as with all piggy births our expectant mums can rely on us being on hand to hold their little trotters at this special time.

After three months, three weeks and three days of gestation we'll know birth is imminent with evidence of mums milk and her very frantic, usually last minute, nest building.

As part of our own preparation we will give mum a warm wash and nice fresh bedding and install a heat lamp to ensure her new arrivals remain cosy through their first nights.

Next it's time to turn on the television, tune in to our infrared CCTV cameras, sit back and wait patiently as things develop, watching every breath and every contraction until the moment the first piglet arrives.

We will expect to wait for several hour, often late into the night or through to the early hours of the following morning, but once you see the first piglet born, holding your breath whilst she takes the first wobbly steps of her life, it all makes sense.

Micro pigs are great mothers and the need for our, or veterinary, intervention at birth would be extremely rare. People ask 'Why lose sleep or cancel social arrangements if your micro pigs are generally ok having babies on their own?'

The answer, 'Well, that's just the way it is!'

Those fortunate enough to own a pet pig, or to have spent time with pigs, will understand the above knowing pigs are highly intelligent, social, compassionate, sensitive and emotional animals. You can read a lot more about pigs at this link http://www.think-differently-about-sheep.com/Sentience-%20In-Farm-Animals-%20Pigs.htm

Yes we breed micro pigs and yes we sell to loving homes but it really is about a lot more than that.

Our piggies are an extension of our family, imagine how we'd feel if something ever did go wrong at a time when we hadn't been there for them!

Lettice had four beautiful healthy babies and mother and piglets are doing just fine as you'll see in the pictures below and at this video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fjrjBeVBIg