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Calling all Wilbur and Babe lovers! Search on to find pig's owner

Watch news video here: Calling all Wilbur and Babe lovers! Search on to find pig's owner.


There was Wilbur from Charlotte's Web and then Babe. Now a pig found by Merriam police is making its way into people's hearts.

At the Great Plains SPCA no-kill animal shelter, they are used to seeing plenty of lost dogs and cats, but Wednesday they got one of the most unusual guests they have ever taken in.

She's a sweet little black pig that's anxious to get back home and she's hoping if someone knows her owner, they won't hesitate to squeal.

"I will tell you we had a line of staff at the door as soon as she pulled up," said Sydney Baker, the intake coordinator for Great Plains SPCA.

She's about the size of a small dog and loves to pig out on some fresh veggies and her big personality is winning the hearts of the workers at the animal shelter. They immediately wanted to give her a suitable name.

"We all agreed on Petunia the pig. That's the best name for her. We went through Gertrude, Piggy Pig Pig, everything we could think of. Petunia fit this little spunky girl's personality," Baker said.

Petunia the pig wasn't heading to the market, she was found wandering around Brown Park, located at 5040 Booker Dr., in Merriam, KS, about 9 a.m. Tuesday. She was lost and hungry.

Someone called Merriam police to rescue the charming piglet.

"It is legal for people to have pigs in Merriam as pets. I don't know of anyone who actually does. So we don't know who the owner of this one is or where it came from. We do get calls on chickens or pygmy goats. It does happen, but it is rare," said Lt. Darren McLaughlin.

Miss Petunia is a little ham and she's all about having fun.

"She will come up to you in a playful way and untie your shoes," Baker said.

Baker said Petunia isn't a farm animal or a guinea pig, she's what's known as a micro pig.

"Micro pigs have been bred to be household animals, so they live in the house and are another family member, they love to follow you around," she said.

And so she waits, a pig in a blanket, for the phone to ring so she can finally go "wee wee wee all the way home".

"She's just like any other dog or cat, wants toys to play with, wants to be loved and held and given a good home, a nice soft bed to lay on," she said.

Merriam police said they will hold her as a stray for five days and, if no one claims her, then the shelter will put her up for adoption to find her a forever home.

If anyone knows who the little girl's owners are or if they are the pig's owners, they are asked to call Lt. Darren McLaughlin at 913-322-5587 or CSO Jaime Brokaw at 913-208-8195.

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