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Mummy micro pig at Petpiggies feeding her babies

Watch this YouTube video clip of an adult Micro Pig at Petpiggies feeding her little ones


mummy micro pig feeding her babies


Some real Babes have arrived at Petpiggies

Petpiggies are proud to introduce their latest litter of micro pigs born 1 May.

If you are interested in owning a micro pig and would like to find out more, please email info@petpiggies.co.uk or contact us on 01525 288532 for further information

Latest TLC TV launch ad featuring Petpiggies micro pig

See the latest TLC TV launch ad featuring Petpiggies Micro Pig at the link below.


new TLC tv ad


Petpiggies micro pigs at Discovery Channel offices

Petpiggies held a Micro Pig petting session at Discovery Channels London offices yesterday.

The staff, who had been working extremely hard on the launch of TLC UK channel, were given the opportunity to have their pictures taken cuddling a micro piglet and most couldn't wait to get hold of the little ones.

Our thanks to the delightful team at Discovery /TLC for there help and support.

Brix Smith Start cuddles Petpiggies micro pigs

For the second time in a week Petpiggies Micro Pigs met up with Brix Smith Start for some cuddles.

Brix is an avid Pug & Pig lover and todays piggy cuddles took place during a piglet petting session held at Discovery Channels offices in Chiswick

Brix Smith Start with spotty micro pig

Pregnant Danielle Lloyd baby shower to be a sleepover with pigs?

Petpiggies are looking forward to an exciting weekend after accepting an invitation to join Danielle Lloyd and special guests at her home for her Baby Shower.

''Tweeting her excitement that @petpiggies have confirmed they are coming it appears Danielles guests will include a selection of the ever-popular micro pigs. Even the piggies are excited tweeting back to the star, Oink, Oink, @MissDLloyd has invited me to her party.

Petpiggies Micro Pig in TV ads for TLC UK Channel launch



Petpiggies have really enjoyed working with the team at Discovery Channel and contributing to the amazing TV ads featuring one of our Micro Pigs.

The TV ads are for the launch of TLC UK Channel and can be seen on Petpiggies YouTube Channel at the link below.

Petpiggies micro pigs attend TLC UK launch party

Petpiggies Micro Pigs will soon feature on TV ads for TLC UK Channel and gladly accepted an invitation to join celebrities and media executives at TLC's launch party held at Sketch in Londons Mayfair.

The evening was full of fun, frolics and lots and lots of cuddles.

Lisa Snowdon meets Petpiggies Micro Pig at TLC Launch party

Lisa Snowdon snuggled up to one of Petpiggies Micro pigs at the TLC UK  launch party held at Sketch, Mayfair last night.

Lisa Snowdon with micro pig

See the full story with more pictures at the following Daily Mail link

Micro pig at Petpiggies predicts UK weather

Wet, Wet, Wet !

micro pig in wellies

If you are interested in owning a pet micro pig please email info@petpiggies.co.uk or call us on 01525 288532

Petpiggies micro pigs at Frosts Willington Garden Centre

Pop along to Frosts Willington Garden Centre and you can meet two of Petpiggies micro piglets. The micro pigs will remain in their delightful new residence until Winter.

Frosts Willington Garden Centre is on Sandy Road, Willington, Bedford, MK44 3QP

Telephone 01234 838777

Petpiggies micro pig to star in Discovery Channel TLC TV commercials

Watch out for Discovery Channel TV trailers featuring Petpiggies Micro Pig... coming to screen near you!

Micro Pig piglets enjoying the first days of Spring!

Micro pig piglets at Petpiggies enjoying the first of the UK Spring weather!

Petpiggies Micro Pig on The Alan Titchmarsh Show

Alan Titchmarsh & TV Vet Joe Inglis discuss Micro pets, including Micro Pigs, on The Alan Titchmarsh Show.

Petpiggies very own Micro Pig 'Juliette' loved every minute!

Watch the clip at the following link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMJ1g2rH6C8

Micro pigs for sale - March 2013

If you are thinking about owning a pet Micro Pig you'll find lots of the most adorable little piglets to choose from right now at Petpiggies.

Visit Petpiggies and you will be able to see first hand if a Micro Pig is the pet for you and learn about their ongoing welfare requirements.

Petpiggies micro pigs help raise funds for Comic Relief:Red Nose Day

Huge thanks to those of you who, despite the freezing temperatures, snow & rain, came along to 'Pet a Micro Piglet for a Pound' this weekend and helped raise £365 for Comic Relief:Red Nose Day.

Thanks also to the wonderful staff at Frosts Garden Centre, Woburn Sands for their help & support in organising our fundraising weekend.

You can see all of the photographs taken at the event on Petpiggies facebook page at the link below

Pet a Micro Piglet for a Pound - Fundraising for Comic Relief:Red Nose Day


February 2013

Pet a Micro Piglet for a Pound

On Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 February Petpiggies will be celebrating Red Nose Day 2013 by helping to raise bucket loads of cash for Comic Relief!

A super cute start to 2013 at Petpiggies

Petpiggies Logo

Petpiggies enjoyed the cutest ever start to 2013 with the arrival of this years first litter of adorable micro pigs.

If you are interested in owning a micro pig and would like to find out more, please email info@petpiggies.co.uk or contact us on 01525 288532

Petpiggies micro pig refused audition for 'That Dog Can Dance'

Petpiggies Logo

Simon Cowells Christmas special 'That Dog Can Dance' may have been a huge hit with viewers on Boxing day but spare a thought for our little Micro pig Juliet.

Poor little Juliet turned up for auditions at the Essex Dog Training centre and was immediately refused entry due to the fact she was a pig!

Micro Pig Gifts from Petpiggies - Mousepads

Super Cute Micro / Mini pig gift ideas from Petpiggies now available for sale at our CafePress shop

Visit our shop now!



Frost, snow and pigs....Petpiggies micro pig featured on BBC Weather site


It seems lots of people love Petpiggies latest Santa micro pig Christmas pictures including the BBC.

The BBC selected one of our seasonal micro pig images to feature on their weather web site, see link below, and why not, the little piggy does look incredibly cute!


Santa micro pig at Petpiggies enjoying the first of this seasons snow

Well it's snowing in Bedfordshire today and the perfect time to take more Christmas pictures of one of our super cute micro pig piglets.

Here they are, a spotty little piggy with a Santa hat walking in the snow, we hope you like them.

These images can be found on 100's of micro pig x-mas gifts at our cafepress shop at the link below.


Micro pigs for Christmas?

The festive season is fast approaching and what better time is there to introduce a new pet to your home?

Now before readers start screaming  'irresponsable breeders', 'it's people like you' etc etc, let us make it clear, Petpiggies do not encourage or support impulse sales of micro pigs or pets of any kind at this time of year.

Petpiggies micro pig in Tatlers Party Guide 2013

When Petpiggies were asked if they would provide a micro pig for Tatlers Christmas issue and Party Guide 2013 photoshoot in London, knowing we would be surrounded by super models and some of the most exclusive jewellery, dresses and shoes in the world, we said yes!

Tatler Party Guide 2013


Do micro pigs get on with dogs?

Petpiggies Caroline Chaplin thinks micro pigs and dogs have quite a lot in common as you can read in the article for The Stafford magazine below

Wonderful, Wonderful Woburn & micro pigs!

Petpiggies took the opportunity to show off a fully grown micro pig and her 9 beautiful piglets during this years Woburn Abbey Garden Show.

We would like to thank the staff and management at Woburn Abbey for their support along with the many hundreds of people that came to meet Petpiggies over the weekend.

We hope visitors left feeling far more informed about the eventual adult sizes of micro pigs, the requirements for ownership and their ongoing welfare needs.

Petpiggies micro pigs born 2 August 2012

The pictures below are of our most recent litter of micro pigs.

The piglets were born early evening on Thursday 2 August and all are doing fine.

Petpiggies welcome the arrival of 9 little baby micro pigs

Petpiggies have welcomed the arrival of a record breaking new litter of 9 micro pig babies!

Our largest ever 'Olympic' sized litter of 9 tiny piglets were born in the early hours of 28 July 2012

If you are interested in owning a micro pig please email info@petpiggies.co.uk or call us on 01525 288532

You can see a short video clip of the arrivals at the following link http://youtu.be/NZ5M2LD41WA

Could this be the most handsome micro pig ever?

Petpiggies breed some stunning micro pigs but this little boy may be the most handsome ever.

Adult micro pig feeding her piglets on YouTube

You can watch one of Petpiggies adult micro pigs feeding her piglets at the YouTube link below.
Adult micro pig feeding piglets

Micro pigs hog limelight at Frosts, Millets Farm garden centre

FOUR tiny new additions have arrived at a garden centre – and are busy winning admirers.

The micro pigs have taken up residence at the garden centre at Millets Farm Centre in Frilford, near Abingdon.

The 12 week-old miniature micro pigs from Petpiggies arrived this week and will stay for the summer.

Micro pig babies relaxing in the sun

Micro pig piglets from petpiggies latest litter take time out to relax in some rare sunshine.

If you are interested in owning a pet micro pig please email info@petpiggies.co.uk.

Further information can be found on Petpiggies website, Facebook page and YouTube Channel at the links below.