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Baby Micro Pig Is Orphaned

This is Lotte, a micro pig who has become an orphan at just 2 weeks of age.

We've never experienced a situation where a mother chooses to ignore and stop feeding her babies but this is what has happened to little Lotte. Mum just doesn't want her anymore.

Lotte is now living indoors where we will keep a very close eye on her progress.

Hand raising a piglet is new to us and likely to be challenging however we are fortunate to have the support of our excellent vets. We know she needs to be kept warm, very young piglets require temperatures of 25-30 C, and accept a substitute diet to mums milk.

So far, so good! You'll can see she's looking healthy at this time, enjoying life and eating well.

Fingers and trotters are crossed for the coming days & weeks.

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