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About PetPiggies

Petpiggies is a family business offering a range of micro pig services including breeding of micro pigs for sale as pets to good homes.

We also provide micro pig piglets for digital media, film, television, promotional events, corporate and private parties.

Petpiggies is based in Ridgmont, Bedfordshire, where we have bred happy, healthy pet micro pigs for over a decade earning a reputation for honesty and openness.

As one of the UK's most trusted and experienced micro pig breeders we maintain the highest levels of welfare for our little pigs with support from specialist veterinarians and nutritionists.

We care about pigs, all pigs, and are increasingly concerned about the horrendous conditions often endured by millions of pigs reared in large scale factory farming.

If you believe its wrong for animals to suffer needlessly, visit http://farmsnotfactories.org and pledge your support for change.